Agriculture, Food, and Dairy Products and Services

We live in an agriculture based country which is blessed with countless natural resources. Any technological innovation and implementation in the field of agriculture, food and dairy products and services can ensure strong footed business establishment with high profit margins. If you are an innovator then let’s join hands to become an implementer as well. A few of the leading innovative ideas in this field can be as follows

  • Agricultural Technologies which may result in making high yield of crops per acre and cultivation of season dependent crops in all seasons
  • Technology for Controlled environment for poultry and fish forms
  • Vegetation on roof tops
  • Food processing and preservation, innovations for Frozen food
  • Technological Innovations for the provision of pure milk and milk products such as yogurt, cheese and frozen desserts

Business Incubation Areas:

  1. IT, ICT & Security Products and Services
  2. Engineering & Alternate Power Energy
  3. General Category e.g. Design & Architecture, Health information and so on…

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