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The Cubator 1ne offers a complete support system for beginners. It helps to reduce risk and assist young companies in developing sustainable business units. In order to get the maximum output of your endeavor here at the Cubator 1ne, a set of requirements has been designed to lay the foundation for positive outcomes.

Cubator should either meet the basic requirements below or be willing to put these into place within six months:

  • Be a technology-based or service company with growth opportunities
  • Be willing to meet with the Cubator 1ne coaching team and to attend events locally sponsored and organized by business event managers
  • Be willing to write business, marketing, and financial plans
  • Have an accounting system in place
  • Have an active website
  • Have willingness to share experiences with other business owners
  • Plan to have one full-time dedicated management team member within one year
  • Have financial and job data available to Innovation Center staff to support grant funding.

Most importantly what matters is the willingness to put forth your efforts towards the growth of your own business. You are also encouraged to be able to collaborate with Innovation Center staff. Our staff members are friendly, approachable, and willing to assist you in any way to ensure that you receive the required support.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cubator 1ne staff.

Accepting New Clients

Applying to the Cubator 1ne is quick and easy, but the application process is competitive. Get started today to see if you qualify!

  1. Complete the application Download Application Form For Starters or pick up full package at the Cubator 1ne)
  2. Sign your lease and service agreement
  3. Move in!

It’s just that simple!

Does Your Business Qualify?

Does your business involve doing something in an innovative way? Or does it offer a new approach to an old problem? If you’re an innovator, we are looking for you. Call (051) 8738197 or email today.

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